…. instead of Hosted Content host Matt Cuts

Lets talk about hostbaiting. A technique which describes what happens if you host a trusted person in first life and its effect in the online life. It is about who you know or don’t know, who the search engines consider to be an authority and therefore to be trusted and what effect it can have on your webpage. I came up with this theory when I read Matt Cutts Post from February about being in Ireland. I realized the importance of mentioning his whereabouts. So what? Well, Matt mentioned and PLACED A LINK to the Guinness Storehouse.


Well I bet these guys maybe never heard about him or might not noticed him (except if 50 Cuttlets were behind him). But the guys in the online shop might have noticed that sales went up around February 19th. Why is that? I checked with the backlink tool from


Since all SEOs seem to have tendency to love beer (as seen in Las Vegas and heard on many SEO Podcasts… ) Matts site should work as a perfect presell page and the online shop should rock by now. A trusted Link from a trusted SEO Guinness Drinker.



To proof my Hostbait Theory lets check â??where the heck is Howth” and what happened after Matt revealed this hidden jewel:


Again: Matts Backlink on Position Number One!

I am not suggesting that you should start inviting Matt over but if he steps into your home, give him a beer (you do know by now that he likes Guinness) and he might mention you on his blog. We are looking forward to see Matt in Germany. I bet the guys from webmasters on the roof in Munich would love to see him step into the â??Bräustüberlâ? to buy the â??Tegernseer Spezialâ?. Though they do have an online shop they donâ??t seem to ship beer yet. I wonder if our former German Tennis Star Boris Becker had the same Hostbait Effect when he had a beer at the Bräustüberl …